How Can You Invest in Online branding?

There is no such thing as a tailor-made internet business strategy. It’s as different as the types of businesses flourishing on the internet each day. As Matthew Breman, owner of Cranium 360, puts it, “It’s different for every company.” ( However, one thing all internet strategists wouldn’t deny is the iron clad rule of having a definite and detailed marketing plan for an online business. Because without one, the business will fizzle out just like the bubbles in a soda.


Branding is everything in the online world and a good marketing strategy helps achieve just that. If there’s a great product to be marketed, or a brilliant idea worth noticing, all that needs to be done is to ensure its proper marketing. If there is great stuff to be delivered and nobody knows about it, it’s equivalent to being at the bottom of a food chain. That being said, there are several ways to make a unique internet marketing strategy. It may consist of some common steps, but each step can be tweaked to make it a unique marketing plan like the strategies that Newbloc marketing follow. The strategies given below can prove to be the foundation of one’s online business. Online branding is really easy if you follow these steps.



l Web promotion and development strategy: First and foremost, have a well-developed web promotion plan in place. A online branding development strategy is a must for the business to build upon.


l SEO: Use Excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and ensure the top ranking in the various search engines. Once you make it there, make sure you maintain your status by constant monitoring and improvement of your site.


l PPC: Now, this is an efficient way to ensure you get adequate traffic. The Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement campaign also helps to know the frequent visitors and helps in identifying lists of potential customers and target groups. Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are the three largest PPC providers.


l Promotion of your site: Having a great content for your site is what’s going to hook the customers. A great web design goes a long way in doing it too. Resorting to web articles, blogs, videos, social networking sites, getting linked to news stories etc. would go a long way in providing credibility to the business. Making the transaction history visible to your customers is a good idea too. It’s pivotal to have expert analysis on the marketing strategy undertaken. Any good online branding strategy needs good content.


l Personal touch:  A business’ success can greatly depend on how it manages to mitigate the coldness of the virtual experience. It can be done in the form of services. Provide the customers perks, run contests, e-mail them often, give offers, have something new from time to time to keep the interest and always deliver what is promised! Leave them wanting for more.


Online branding the Easy Way

The need for a good internet marketing strategy couldn’t be more evident. A significant part of the budget can be assigned to this area which may just bulldoze the business to the forefront. In spite of adopting these strategies, it may still spell trouble if one doesn’t have foresight about the future trends as they’re changing by the minute and also keeping a watchful eye on the competition.


However, the crux of the matter lies in identifying the target groups. Valerie Stow, an Internet marketing specialist with RSW Partners, said, “You really have to know who your customer is.” ( After all, the whole purpose of online marketing is not just inviting visits, but motivating the next visit.


By Janis S

Learning How To Branding Your Business

Whether you have a big or a small business, branding your business is one of the most important aspects of it. Your increasingly competitive markets, create a major edge to them if you create an effective brand strategy. When you create a brand for your business, this is a promise to your customers. It is able to show your customers, exactly what they are able to expect from your services and the products that you are offering. Your brand is a way for them to see who you are, who you are wanting to be, and who other people perceive you to be. You cannot be everything to every single person. It depends on who you are that will determine on who your target customers want you to be, as well as who they are needing you to be.

The foundation that you build for your brand, will end up being your logo for your business. Your promotional materials, your packaging, and your website all work together to be able to communicate your businesses brand. When it comes to the strategy of your brand, it all depends on where it is that you advertise it. What you communicate verbally and visually, and your distribution channels are all part of your brands strategy. It is important that you make sure and remain consistent, so that your strategic brand leads to a strong brand equity. For example, when it comes to Coke vs. the generic brands of soda, Coca-Cola has built an incredibly strong brand for this product, therefore, it has the ability to change more for its product and customers will even pay the higher prices for it as well. Adding value to your product is like a journey of self-discovery for your business. The business of Nike, associates their products with famous athletes so that the customers will be able to transfer their emotional attachment to the athlete themselves with the product that they are selling. It isn’t always about the features of the product when you associate it with many other types of areas.

Once you have been able to finally define your brand for your business, it is prudent that you get the word out. There are many ways to successfully promote your business and get it out there for the world to see so that you can begin building your business. These starting tips are a way to get your business out there and it begins by creating a great logo, write down your brand messaging, integrate your brand, create a “voice” for your company that reflects your brand, develop a tag line, design templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials, be true to your brand, and the most important is to be consistent.

In conclusion, it is highly important to make sure that you create a positive, effective, and trustworthy brand for your company so that you are able to build clientele. Your businesses brand is the most important thing to do so that your company is able to take off in a positive way so that it will create a successful and beneficial outcome for yourself. Branding your business is the only way that your customers will be able to associate it to you, and as you are building that trust with them they will continue to use you for whatever business they are wanting to work with you on.


By Janis S.